Leaving Uganda

As I prepare to leave Uganda for home, I think of the enormity of this last 21 days. We literally went from West to east. On one side the Congo boarder and the other just a stones throw from Kenya, with ministry and teaching.

The blessing to me is to see the growth of the Carmel Bible College students that has returned to their native Uganda and to be able to work along side them.

Yes it is with a sadness I leave but with the help of these now Pastors in their own right, set up valued teaching seminars that we are continually being requested.

We thank Carmel Ministries International who has kindly donated this Bible College equivalent material to be used in training in Uganda and East Africa. These course will be starting in the next couple of months, as knowledge of this is being let out, the enquiries are coming in fast.

The launch of Gospellife Ministry Association has also been well received and we look for a greater strength from the churches especially those in isolated and rural areas as we begin to network together.

As I sit here waiting upon the transport to Entebbe for the flight back to the UK, I am also eagerly awaiting a phone call from the NGO board to say the registration is complete. God always seems to take us to the last minute and in this there is no exception.

I sign off not with with a sadness but a joy to know that His work is continuing strong. Yes we are back in May for conference and crusade in the muwafa district, Mbale.

You can catch up of the events of the past 31 days by browsing through our many FB posts.


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