Bukoto Rural Evngelical Church Sunday 8th February

Bukoto Rural Evngelical Church Sunday 8th February

At the very start of the third service, before Praise and Worship and before I preached the Word, Pstr Dr John Nuwagaba the Seniour Pastor, prayed for rain. There is a serious shortage of rain at present and it is affecting the crops and livestock. Pstr John prayed that rain would come before the end of the week.

Imeadiatly after hearing the message, Dr John stood in the pulpit and said 'we have cast our one stone we have prayed for rain now spend the other four giving thanks for the rain'. As we stood there praising the thunder roared, yes, literally the thunder roared and large spots of rain started to come down, people outside ran for cover. The rest of that day there was no dust in the air, no dust from the trafic on the roads, no dust on your shoes walking around. Yes the rain came, it only took one stone, one prayer, the other four was was given in praise. Amen

See message summary, Sunday 8th February. By Pstr Richard Nkunze


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