The journey to Hoima took place on wednesday 27th the team joined me bringing all the equipment in and on the Pajero thursday 28th. We moved out to the village of MURUYANJA, a small village spacley populated and out in the bush country. We commenced the conference thursday morning the first day is all about who we are and making relationships, the evening started the crusade it was a great time of ministry. With salvations.

Friday eam member Gerald Kassaja a student of Carmel Bible College spoke on prayer, the delegates were on the edge of their seats as they have never heard prayer taught in such away, in the afternon I spoke on the personal relationship with God taking Matthew 6 where the disciples ask Jesus how to pray. Again in the evening the Crusade with more salvations. Today Saturday another Student of Carmel Bible College the mission director for Gospellige International, Richard Nkunze spoke on giving, this was a direct request from the pastor. The reception from the church was amazing in the afrenon we did a demonstration of Gods abundance using a spoon, a cup, a lage pan and a jerry can full of water. The sppon represented our mind set on giving the jerry can God's.

It was as if scales had been lilifted or the eyes, the pastors comments very encouraging and thank the team fot its sound doctine and teaching. Yes in the Evening the Crusade. More salvations. Sunday morning Church the yes you have it in the Evening the Crusade. This one will close thioe MURUYANJA mission and we return to Kampala see how our NGO registration is proceeding then of to Mbale to meet the church leaders there.



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