29th January 2015

In the evening whilst the team was preparing the crusade ground I was taken with the pstrs wife to visit a lady. This lady was a nurse and much loved in the village, she lost her sight some 7 yrs past, then 5.5 years ago had a fall, broke a leg and disease entered the bone just above ankle has quite a flaming scar. No matter what treatment the disease has not left but gradually eating away the bone. She virtually lives on the floor all her food everthing is done at floor level not even sat in a chair for any of this time. I taught on healing, annnointed her with Oil pored the oil over the leg wound then asked her to stand. Very slowley she started to try, lack of confidence and past failure came in. Then I taught her some more the next thing she said something is happening in my body, it is feeling stronger, slowley with help she was able to get high enough to sit on a chair. Then she tried again you could see the pain in her legs she stood then shuffling very slowly one the the other she walked around he living room. We left her sitting on the chair, we will go back tomorrow and pray more with herPlease pray for her complete recovery. Her grand children has never seen her of the floor let alone walking. We gave a mighty God.


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