Matoto Village Day 5&6

We have been eagerly awaiting the updates for day 5&6, as the message below indicates there has not been any access to the network, this is not uncommon out in the remote villages where they are ministering, It could be any of many reasons, the most common is that of, no network or no electricity or both, this can go on for days making communications very difficult.

Thankfully we have received a glimmer of what has been taking place over these last days of the mission.

‘Praise God Pastor. We were unable to send you updates for day 5 & 6 because of the network. However the mission is coming to an end with a great harvest. The numbers kept increasing each day; it has been a joy ministering before God in this land of Matoto. It is no longer the same. Yesterday we saw people healed, saved and delivered. We also had an anointing service, it was an eventful day. God Bless you, will give you more updates at the end of the alter call later’.

This has been truly an exceptional mission, the team working in difficult conditions, far out in the village. We thank them for their dedication and the acceptance of the call from God that they have made.

The team will travel back to Kampala Sunday/Monday and we await a more detailed report.

Rev Robert Baker

#mission #uganda

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