Matoto Village Day 2

We are back from door to door evangelism over 20 people committed their lives to Jesus. We had a team of 20 people/evangelists. We are now at the crusade ground. It is unfortunate we have not sent you photos of the proceedings yet due to network challenges but we shall do so once we are in a better place. Thanks, God bless you.

Door to door is not like we imagine, in our towns and cities where we can go down street after street houses all lined up looking the same, here we are in a very rural village where there may be only one street that is the street that passes through, no houses on the street, they are all scattered out in the bush it may take an hour to cover 3 houses.

When the crusade time comes you wonder where all the people come from, yes they may have walked 3-5 miles and they come because they have heard a word something is happening in the village or they heard the music as it goes out across the land, there is no industry, no cars, just silence so when a noise is heard then people want to know why.

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