Mission Matoto Village

4 Missions in 6 months

As I type, the first of the planned missions is underway for 2015.

Our Ugandan Mission team are on route to Mbale to hold a mission for a new church PLACE, I say ‘place’ I was interested in a message on vision by Rev Gerri Di Soma where he said God did not plant, whenever He sent He placed.

I thought on that and it is as if God said when you plant you wait to see if it will grow but if you place something you put it down in a strategic place of choice, it is there, there is no disputing it’s visibility.

When you put a picture on a wall you never plant it there you place it and you place it in a position of pre-eminence, your furniture is always placed in a way it enhances the room.

Why not a new work? we should place it where it will have pre- eminence and it will enhance the area it is in.

So the team are conducting a mission for a new church that has been placed by God for a specific purpose.

We are not sure of feedback as the mission progresses, as again technology is not so hot in the areas we work, so we wait with eager anticipation of what God is doing and going to do there.

The team have a 7 hour journey ahead of them of mainly dirt roads or no roads, we have been glad of the 4 wheel drive vehicle we now have, it takes a little looking after in the conditions it is used.

End of January I join the mission team for a crusade in a village close to the town of Hoima Western Uganda. This is the first crusade we will have done in the West and we believe doors will be opened.

From there I go to Mbale for a major Pastors conference where we shall be planning our strategy for the future.

In between I will be spending a couple of days in Kampala visiting government offices registering Gospellife International with the relevant departments.

Meeting with Church Pastors who want to align with the vision of Gospellife International.

I return to the UK mid February then get ready for two more missions one in May and one in June, with time spent in planning and fund raising, teaching at Carmel Bible College and taking Carmel Leadership Academy on 2 UK Missions. Whoever said, retirement is boring never had an encounter with God.

If you would like to be part of what we are doing through prayer or giving we welcome your support.

Keeping the vehicles road worthy, providing Aid to the needy, replacing and upgrading the equipment, feeding the delegates who attend the meetings, funding the Ugandan mission team to enable them to continue Missions and Crusades, Air flights, sorting accommodation or even just feeding the team. We can only do this through your overwhelming generosity. We thank you.

Rev Robert Baker.

Stop Press

Just as I post this, a blog from the Ugandan mission team

Praise God Pastor. We are now at the crusade ground in Matoto village, Nalondo Sub County, Manafwa District, Uganda. The Church hosting us is Flowing Grace Church. We will be sending you updates daily. God Bless you.


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