A Christmas Celebration

From all at Gospellife International we wish you all A Happy Christmas and a great New Year for 2015

What a close to the year it is, Over the past 6 months we have been working to have a new water supply put in the village of Lwanjusi, we had hoped that this would be completed in the New Year. Praise God it is completed and the village have a wonderful new Christmas gift, from you. Thank you to everyone that has contributed in any way to make this possible.

It is very hard for us to understand what it would be like to walk many miles to get fresh water, carry heavy water filled containers along dirty roads in the heat, the rain and the cold.


Now it is finished, we have been able to tap a spring and change it from a dirty mud bath into free flowing clean water that is drinkable.


Alina was able to meet up with and attend the wedding of one of the Carmel Bible College students who after training returned home to work in the local church. Whilst she was there spend some time on a prayer mountain seeking God’s guidance then went and lived in the district we are working. I have included her summary unedited of her time in Uganda with pictures.


My short journey to Uganda came to an end now. But it’s not my last journey, I will return soon.

I must admit that I had a great experience living here, lots of challenges , tears as well as joy . From the prayer mountain where I was dedicating the first fruit of this journey to God and where I had an amazing experience with Him , I went down to the valley where I faced people , cultures , corruption, lies ,but I knew that that’s the process with God . The good thing is that God loves them very much despise the way they are and I asked Him to help me to love them the same. I built a lot of relationships with pastors, with congregations, with people outside churches as well. I learned to bargain in the market for all sorts of things including food (which I never done it before).


I’ve also got to know my adopted daughters better by living with them daily and sharing tears and joy together. I’ve learned to live on £2.50 a day three people, to stay for a whole week without electricity with the old fashion of paraffin lamp and shower with cold water but I enjoyed every minute of it.


Finally we manage to do the spring well in one of the villages in Manafwa district called Lwanjusi where around 100 families were drinking dirty water until now. But because of God’s love and mercy they will now enjoy the new water pure and clean. I thank God for His grace and love that took me through a terrible disease called malaria which put me off for a week with excruciating pains all over my body. Now I’m back to Bristol fully recovered but my heart remained there with them. Hope to return to them soon.


We all at Gospellife International are looking to 2015 with an excitement of what God has ahead of us, I am planning to be in Uganda January 2015 and we are also planning the next two crusades there for May June 2015. We also have other missions in line that we are working on.

We are now working on the new equipment needed for the next phase that of staging, PA system, transport and funds to keep the work rolling throughout the year.With God all things are possible and that is what is exciting, we never know what next, there is no better place to be than ‘IN HIM’

If you would like to partner with us in this exciting year please contact us, we would value your support.

Yours in Christ,

Rev Robert Baker

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