Kimaluli Mission Round-up


The days started breakfast at 8 am followed by devotions. It is then on the road for a one and a quarter hour journey to the Village along dirt roads.

The Crusade would commence around 4.30, 5pm with singing and dancing by the various local church chiors followed by the message, altercall. The crusade would finish with part of the Jesus film in their local dialect. Then it was pack up around 7.30.- 8pm, then the one and quarter hour bone shaking journey back to the hotel. By this time everyone is ready for the meal of the day, finishin with devotions and debrief, so to bed around midnight.


Yes it is long tiring days but when you see what God is doing, witnessing His out-pouring in peoples lives, you never think of the day in terms of being labourious, only of the Joy and Glory of the Lord. The village church chosen for the conference and crusade is allocated by the district church committee. This was our 10th village mission and next years mission is already earmarked.

All the churches come together to make it happen, the unity of the churches is a lesson to learn, their pure interest is to see the church grow and salvations are paramount.

In the mornings the conference is attended by the pastors and church congregations from all around the district, many walk up to 10 miles to attend. There are also many that come from farther afield and many sleep either at the crusdae ground under the stage or on the mud floor of the host church.

Following the morning conference lunch is served to every one that attends. This is funded through the donations for the mission we receive from you, on an average we feed up to 600 persons per day, the diet is Rice, Maize, Mutokee (cooked banana) and Beans, for some it is the only meal they may get in a day.


The food is cooked in large pots on open charcoal fires by a team from the local Church. The water is brought in by plastic containers from water sources that are afar, a team of 6 men constantly travel to and fro carrying the water.

We also visit schools in the mornings, normally two schools per day according to size. Here the team act Scripture stories and teach new choruses. These visits are always well received, each school are proud to show the team around the classrooms. The evening is the crusade, this starts at around 4.30pm with four or five church choirs leading worship before the message.

Following ministry time we show a segment of the Jesus film, we try to accommodate this over 5 nights to finish on the Saturday evening. This is a great crowd drawer many have never seen a film before which is in their own language.

During the mission we witnessed first hand many miracles not only of healing but also spiritual.

The conference was very much on Seeking God’s Kingdom first, building a Godly character, demonstrating Honesty and Integrity in all we do plus leading by example. This became a challenge for many, one person came to the meeting the day following the session on honesty and integrity to witness what the word had done in her life, stating that in the morning in the field, she saw that someone had left some things on the side, she went to pick them and in doing so remembered the word from the day before, she did not take them and went and told the person they had left some things in the field. She said we always pick these things and make them our own but now that is finished she will now look out for others.


During one of the evening crusades a mother brought two children to witness that both children had been sick with Malaria, one child was so sick she thought he may die, both children were miraculously healed and the one she thought may die was now smiling and drinking water. Another family came on stage to witness that their 4 year old did not speak, the child used to say an odd word in a week but now, the man said with tears in his eyes ‘she will not stop talking’.

Another time at a crusade, a mother brought her little girl to a team member and said my child cannot hear or speak, two of the team prayed for her and the healing was instant, her hearing and speech came alive instantly. Also at one of the conference meetings an elderly lady came forward with severe pain in her fingers, they would not bend, as she put her hand in mine, I could feel a hard Arthritic lump in the hand, as I tried to move her fingers you could see the pain in her face, just letting her had rest in mine I felt God’s healing power go through her hand and the lump disappeared, a big smile came on her face as she exclaimed, the pain was gone and she tightly closed her fingers around my hand.

There are many things to write of but what we must know is that God is the healer we are just the molded clay that He uses for His purpose.

In the schools many, many young people gave their lives to Jesus and the schools set a program to follow through. We were blessed with teachers accepting salvation in front of the whole school, these were tremendous out pourings of God

On closing the conference and crusade we were able to purchased over £3500 of Aid, this was in the form of equipment for the schools which consited of much needed teaching aids, books, paper, pens, for one senior school we were able to provide a printer and accessories.

We also purchased 100 bags of cement for churches that had started a construction program, these had made all their own bricks, dug sand out of a river bed and transported it many miles by what ever means they had but could not buy the cement, they had prepared in faith believing God would supply, He did by speaking to those of you that kindly donated or fund raised towards the mission. From all at Gospellife International, the Ugandan ministry team, the schools and all the beneficiaries of the Mission we thank you.


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