Day 7 – Touching The Community

This morning we discovered that president Mussiveni would be visiting the hotel we are currently staying at! The hotel was awash with yellow as the staff made preparations for the arrival of the Ugandan president and the town was plastered with Mussivenei posters.

At the conference Richard spoke about believers authority from Ephesians – which laid a good foundation of the Word allowing Pastor Bob to monister on later. Abi shared her testimony with the congregation and emphasised an example of God’s financial provision in her life – she set the audience on fire! Pastor Bob spoke about having a genuine relationship and not having a god of your own making. Several people came forward to give testimony of what God has done during the conference – healing and restoration.

The team visited Nalondo primary school and were shocked to see the condition of the buildings and the size of the classes – 989 students with just 12 teachers. With grey clouds looming on the horizon the team led the children in some action songs and the David & Goliath drama. Matt followed on with an altar call and many children received salvation. As we left the school it began to rain – God’s timing!

Its been really encouraging to see how the the local community has begun to accept us and many of them have been willing to chat during the crusade. The team led the crusade audience in some praise songs. Matt gave an evangelistic message about preaching the Good news to the poor based on Luke 2 – many in the crowd were captivated by his words and a large number of salvations followed.

A young girl who was mute received healing during the crusade and her family came to testify on stage. She responded to questions from one of the pastors and her father said that since she had been prayed for she hadn’t stopped talking! Amen!

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