Day 4 – Preparing the Way

Today marked the first day of our ministry in the Mbale area. After the long journey yesterday, it was great to spend time simply attending a village church for a Sunday morning service. It was a special occasion for all involved. The church, named Sibanga, was the very first Ugandan congregation Pastor Bob ministered to back in 1997, and he was finally able to return. On that initial visit, Pastor Bob challenged the local leadership as to what their vision regarding the church building was. The vision that was implanted then has since produced magnificent fruit. What was once a small bamboo hut has matured into a bricked building with space for plenty to gather and worship, one of the best church buildings in the area. We were all warmly welcomed with characteristic Ugandan hospitality. Pastor Bob gave a personal word for the church about church authority without compromise. Sam and Mignon led us in a worship session.

The afternoon was significant, as we were able to do something not available during previous missions. What we did literally set the stage for what is to come this week. As we had traveled to Mbale a day early, we were able to visit both the conference church and crusade ground before it starts tomorrow. With members of the Ugandan team decorating the stage and organising all necessary logistics, we all took time pacing the field and praying over the ground. In our evening debrief, everyone agreed that this was hugely beneficial, building expectation in both the local people and ourselves. We took authority over the events of the week, and trusted God for His work through us starting tomorrow.

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