Day 1 to 4 – Kimaluli Crusade

Thusrsday Morning 4am the team arrived at Bristol Airport for the long haul flight to Uganda. There was a buz of excitement as those on their very first mission questioned those that have been before in what to expect.

Through checkin onto boarding then journey commenced, arriving at Entebbe Uganda via Amsterdam and Kilgali, 10.30 at night, tired and weary and In the dark, suitcases and boxes were loaded into the Coach and Pajero for the last part of the journey to the two day stop over in Kampala, eventually sleeping at about 2.30am.

Friday shopping and preparation day for the next leg of the journey to the mission base in Mbale Eastern Uganda.This journey commenced on Saturday 24th not before meeting with and enjoying breakfast and worship with many of the former Ugandan Carmel Bible College Students that are now sering the Lord in their own nation.This is a special time to hear what God is doing in each one of their lives, since returning to their native land, it is a legacy that Carmel Bible College, Bristol is passing on into generations.

After breakfast it was loading the luggage again for the final leg of the journey, less than 200miles but 6 hours of travel, we eventually arrived at the hotel at around 8.30 in the evening.


Sunday, what a day!Visiting and ministering in the first Church in which I held my first village crusade back in 1997, the village of Sibanga, then a small cane walled and loosley discribed thatched roof building with 30 – 40 people, now a brick consructed building with 12 church plants throughout the vilages in this region. God is trully blessing this ministry.

The highlight was to meet with again, a lady in her 90’s that walks five miles every Sunday to church then 5 miles home along the dirty dusty villge tracks. She says although I have burried 10 of my children I give thanks to God for my life. This very same lady was healed of a severe stoop at a crusade some 3 years past.

I only dicovered recently that I was the first Muzugoo (white person) to visit with the gospel and this church in Sibanga was the only Christian work in the whole of the distrct, we have now been ministering here for 17years, now there are over 50 such places of worship.

It is a geat joy to be back in Uganda, holding a crusade it is just 1 year past that satan tried to take me out with a Heart attack which led to a double by pass.I give all praise to God that even against such odds I am again doing what I love most. Serving God.

Now for the crusade, Each day a member of the team will post their thoughts, highlights, observations and experiences.

Please excuse spelling and grammar it is now 0045hrs, it has been a long tireing day and we need to be up early for the jorney back into the villages.Rev Robert Baker.

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