Bristol 10k Completed

7 very exhilarated runners represented Gospellife International in the Bristol 10K.

From all at Gospellife International THANK YOU; not only to the competitors who ran but also to all of you that supported them.

I know that when we visit the remote villages of Eastern Uganda on the 24th May and tell the village elders that we can start with the well projects, there are going to be some very happy people. We have spoken with the villages about this project over the past two years, now we can get it underway, the more we raise the more we can do.

We will be planning the first Well to be in operation before the end of this year. We now have to engage a drilling company to do the exploration work, when the source is proven good then drilling will commence. Again thank you for your generous support, without your help we could not achieve it.

It is not too late, 5 New Wells is the target, it would be wonderful if all 5 could be started in 2014, what a difference it will make in hundreds of peoples lives and what a difference for the children’s mothers to know another threat has been removed from their children’s health.

Please support Gospellife International


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Thank You

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