Bristol 10k

Thank you to every one who has been and are fundraising for this Years project. We have runners taking part in the Bristol 10k. If you would like to join with them, we will help with your registration and supply you with our fund raising project Tee shirt and sponsor forms. Please do not hesitate to contact me. The mission organisation is well underway for the May/June 2014. Our team in Uganda are eagerly awaiting our arrival. We hope to ship out our new transport in April that will enable the team to penetrate further into the bush to where we know people have not had the opportunity to receive help. It is now 17years from when we were the first western Missionaries to hold crusades in the region, there was only two very young Churches, now we have over 50 and expanding each year. The need is great we are only a drop in the ocean but I know that little drop is changing lives and bringing hope to people that were lost.

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