Day 7 - Power Packed Days

Another power packed day. The conference was full. Vicky spoke on the love of Jesus. Towards the end there was a serious tropical downpour which battered the roof but sent much needed rain for crops.

A few of the team spent the morning down in town among the Indian trading shops and cramped market stalls crammed with tin oil lamps, dried fish and fabrics purchasing items for the schools from money many people in Bristol had donated when Jon did the 10k race. It was used to buy:

  • A set of students’ manuals for all key subjects for each year in four primary schools.

  • A printer for a secondary school to reproduce school materials.

  • Hammers, drills, saws, charcoal irons etc for carpentry, bricklaying and tailoring at a local polytechnic.

The evening crusade attracted a large crowd of at least 600, hungry for the Gospel. Pastor Bob preached and around 37 came forward before watching the Jesus film.

We also received feedback from one of the churches which had expanded as we had prophesied the previous year. The pastor had also consistently taught the Basics course we had given him the previous year and the school had been able to expand because of the teaching materials which had been given the previous year. Fruit!

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