Day 10

All the team went out to the villages to preach:

Lwanjusi Message Rock – Pastor Godfrey (Host) – Pastor Michael, Vicky and Carol

We had an amazing time in a lively church. There were 5 people who were born again at the crusade who had come to the Church. Pastor Michael spoke about using time positively. He spoke to the Pastor about discipling the young men and gave words of knowledge for some of them. The whole church came forward for healing. It was amazing to pray for children and there was an incredible anointing on the children who really received.

Nangalwe Church – overseen by Pastor James Tukole – Paul & Clare

We told the story of David and Goliath and 30 children came forward for an altar call. Clare spoke about Esther as there were mostly women and Paul spoke about making straight paths for our feet.

Bulako Revival Care – Apostle Isaiah – Jon and Chantel

Chantel spoke about the Holy Spirit and Jon spoke about Gideon, encouraging the Church to trust God to do extraordinary things through them. They were thankful for the Bibles and everything we have given to the school. He asked us for the Word and prayer. We were overwhelmed by what Apostle Isaiah is doing in the community.

Flowing Grace – Pastor Godfrey Mukhooli – Jason, Laura

Laura gave her testimony which really touched people. We distributed the Bibles we had given them, so they could read the verses. They distributed the blankets and were very happy to receive the cement. The foundations are complete and they are ready for church building. We enjoyed the praise and worship. Jason preached a message on a double anointing about Elijah and Elisha, empowering the Church to go and do the same.

Sikusi Faith Church – Pastor Stephen Klangongi – Matthew, Kirsty, Gerald, Sam and Tapi

Kirsty gave her testimony, which impacted the Church. Sam spoke about the authority of God and gave an altar call. We prayed for healing of feet, backs and babies. A girl was healed of malaria. Matthew spoke about living a Christian life every moment of every day. Tapi encouraged the Church.

Bugobero Redeemed – Pastor Godfrey (Chairman) – Lee, Sylvia, Eva

The presence of God was powerful during the worship which was accompanied by one drum. Lee preached on trusting God and the whole church came forward for healing. Sylvia found it a humbling experience.

Kimaluli Living Word – Pastor Victor – Alina, Dorothy, Richard

Dorothy gave her testimony and Alina gave a message. We prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit; many were filled and praying in tongues. As there were so many women in the Church Dorothy prayed for their husbands. One of the women gave a testimony that despite all the trials and death in her family she had done everything to get to the crusade.

In the afternoon we visited the One City project which is a Christian self-sustaining village using cutting edge technology and alreading providing employment in the area.

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