Day 8

Written by Jon.

After arriving quite late yesterday, we made an effort to arrive extra early in Lwunjusi this morning. In fact we arrived so early that we got to the church before the pastors!

We visited three schools by splitting up into two groups. One group led by Jon visited Lwunjusi primary school, just a short walk from the host church. The children enjoyed learning songs and helping to act out the story of Elijah and Mt Carmel. The second team was led by Paul. The first school they visited was Samba Primary School – as it is the beginning of term only 50 children had turned up. Sam kept the children’s attention with a dramatised version of David and Goliath. Our journey to Khatsonga Primary School turned into an epic adventure which involved driving down footpaths and ended in an hour long walk in the blistering heat. We began to realise how difficult it must be for children to walk to the nearest well to collect water and to school everyday. We were also struck by the extreme poverty at all of the schools we visited, but were encouraged by the children’s eagerness to be born again and their excitement at receiving bibles. We were able to distribute stationary, footballs and bibles to all three of the schools.

At the conference Lee preached about finishing strong, Gerald gave his testimony and Alina spoke about idolatry. Finally Pastor Michael spoke on speaking to your giant – using the story of David and Goliath. An amazing time was had by all and many people were impacted by the powerful word of God!

The crusade continued to be a success. The praise and worship drew in the most people we have seen all week and Pastor Michael gave an evangelistic message which went through the bible – from Genesis to the death and resurrection of Jesus. Many people responded and came forward for salvation and healing. It was exciting to see God working in so many peoples lives!

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