Day 4

Written by Kirsty Lewis.

Today was the first day of the mission and wow what a day. This year we are in a different area of the region – Lanjusi. It was a privilege to be back with the beautiful people of this country.

This morning we experienced the exuberant welcome of the pastors and local people as we arrived. In the conference, Laura kicked us of with her powerful testimony, setting a high standard for those to follow. Jon did not disappoint with his testimony about how he needed to have a personal relationship with God, not just one through his parents. Paul led on with a call for salvation, which 6 children responded to.

Pastor Mic led on with a message all about the love we have received from God and must pass onto others. The alter call for those who needed to forgive others brought people healing. Carol and Pastor Geoffrey led us into a powerful time of worship with the song ‘Jesus move in this place’. We moved into a time of healing those who were sick. Those who needed prayer raised their hands. Paul asked them to put their hand on the place where they needed healing. It cut my heart when some of the mothers placed their hands on their babies. The team dispersed into the crowd and prayed for the people; from the elderly to the small children and babies.

Then came the time to set up the crusade ground with the sound and lighting equipment. The new Gospellife poster and stage decoration was erected. It looked brilliant. Eva did a brilliant job directing us and it looked amazing.

The first night of the crusade kicked off brilliantly with the local choirs getting everyone dancing and singing. Lee preached brilliantly on the core message of Christianity; What Jesus did for us and how we should respond to that. There were 32 salvations in response.

From when we started setting up the crusade there was a very dark heavy thundercloud heading towards us with a very clear distinction between it and the brilliant sunshine. We commanded the cloud to not pass over us. Over the next 2 hours it continued moving forward but never went over us, instead it when around us. During Lee’s preach there was a brilliant thick rainbow over us with a shaft of light shinning through it towards the stage. The rain only came once the alter call was complete. It was amazing. Truly a work of God!

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