Day 5

Written by Vicky Fletcher.

The day started with an awesome time in the presence of God in devotion. We had a time of praise and worship and were joined by some American Christians from Colorado!

We arrived at the church and joined in with the worship of our Ugandan brothers and sisters in Christ. Their worship is powerful and their love for Jesus is tangible! Some of the team shared their testimony of how they got born again and Pastor Michael continued to preach on the love of God. There was an alter call where one person committed his life to Christ and then people came forward for prayer and ministry to receive a touch from God and experience His love.

Half of the team went to visit and minister in a local primary school, where they had the opportunity to share the Gospel around the story of Samuel, where he heard the instruction of God when he was a small child in the temple. There was around 30 salvations and prayer for two children who had eye problems.

In the afternoon, we started to set up the stage for the crusade, however, the weather had other ideas! The Heavens opened and it began to rain, which caused us to have to pack up all the electrical equipment. However, we did not let this discourage us, and we began to build on the relationships with the children and sang praise songs. The children are such a delight and even though there is such incredible need physically, they are such a happy crowd! They truly creep into your heart and we have all developed such a deep love and compassion for each one of them. We used the time to get to know them more.

The next challenge was the bus getting stuck in the mud due to the amount of rain that had fallen, but everyone worked together in unity to free the wheels. Some local women prayed the whole time the men were trying to rectify the problem and praise God, the bus was freed before the sun went down.

All in all the day was not how we planned it to be, but nevertheless, God still moved and demonstrated his love and blessing to everyone! Uganda is awesome, the people truly lovely and we look forward to what God has planned for us in the days to come!

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