Robert Mary Ministry news letter 2013/3

The team leave for Uganda on the 23rd May.I have been speaking with the churches in Uganda and they are excited at what God will be doing this year. The expectations are high; people will be traveling from all over the district to be there.

It always amazes me and makes me very humble when I discover how far people will walk to hear the gospel.Many leave home just after day light no breakfast, not knowing if they

will have any food or drink for the rest of the day.

It is a privilege to supply a mid day meal to the delegates that come.

To see the men and ladies from the local churches make the fires and prepare the food. then serve every person, it is quite an experience, here in the west we have all the cooking aids we need but here in the remote villages there is no Kitchen no cookers no hot water no electricity no running water (every drop used has to carried from a well)

It is all done on charcoal fires in big tins like the base of a 40gallon drum.Rice, Posho, Mutoke (cooked Banana) beans, vegetables and a little meat for flavouring, it can take up to 5 hours to prepare and cook.

No person is missed out.We are privileged to be able to go to the market and purchase the ingredients out of the donations given by you.

When I think that a great many of these people will never have food from one day to another, what you have supplied over the week will maintain many for days to come. For some it may be the nourishment they need to overcome an ailment or give a mother the milk to feed a child.

The mission has many aspects to its nature whilst the word is important so are the activities that encompass around it, supplying a meal is just one.

Should you like to donate to this years mission you can do so on;

Thank you Rev Robert Baker and the mission Team

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