Day 8 - Revival is Here

‘Revival is here,’ Pastor Victor told the church which had been hosting the conference. ‘I was so concerned the presence of God was no longer here – now it is!’ Another great day at the conference. Kirsty spoke on the love of God; Alina on repentance. A powerful response from the people.

Another overwhelming day at the schools.1,700 at the first school – the largest in the county with just 25 teachers. No food for lunch and no water on the site. But they enjoyed the story of Daniel and a very large number responded to an altar call. They were really excited to receive the books, Bibles and football. Bugobero, the next Secondary School was also a large school – the most successful in the county. The students gave out a great cheer when they received their first ever printer. Yvonne gave a powerful testimony about how God turned her life from a village girl in Zimbabwe to living her dreams. Ian spoke about God’s transforming power.

At the crusade another 54 came forward at the end of another amazing day!

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