Day 5 - The Mission Begins

First real day of the mission. We travelled the 18k along red, dusty earth tracks from Mbale to Bubolo – amid the most spectacular green, tropical scenery set against a stunning background of the Elgon mountains, dotted with mud brick houses and small plots of matoke (green banana), corn, millet – and small children running and waving as our bus came through.

The sound of music and dancing told us we had arrived at the village church – rebuilt in the last 2 weeks following a serious storm – and with great excitement we greeted old friends, children and pastors. There was an awesome sense of the presence of God as Pastor Bob spoke about God receiving the prayers of the people in the inner sanctuary and the church continued in worship. Team members even saw visions of angels inside and surrounding the church.

The large expanse outside the church was the site of an evening crusade. A flurry of activity brought the arrival of the two main lights either side of the wooden stage, a sound system and the generator. As evening fell a large crowd gathered, with many small children, in the open air as the singing and dancing began to hear the Gospel. Many responded.

Many people carried the equipment back in the darkness to be stored and then the long bumpy road back to the hotel – only 18k but it takes a minimum of an hour!

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