Day 3 - Breakfast with the Uganda Team

Meeting for breakfast under the high beamed roof of our hotel it was brilliant to meet old friends from Bible School – Eddie, Michael with his wife Prima, Patrick and his son Parla, Gerrard, Florence, Stanley and of course Richard, Grace and Eva. It was phenomenal to see students we knew in Carmel now worship leaders, pastors and evangelists reproducing all they had learnt, praying and prophesying over everyone. They are bearing good fruit because they learnt in good ground.

Their words to us: We would be the voice of God – not the echo – hope carriers. Miracles would follow. There would be reward and increase from the sacrifice made.

Pastor Bob’s word – there would be a Bible School in Uganda within two years. It would be significant because Uganda is the gateway to the whole of East Africa. Hallelujah!! Amen.

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