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Uganda Mission 2015 - Monday 25 May

Once again we were in Kabujogera. During the morning half the team visited schools whilst the other half remained at the church for the conference.

In the conference Kirsty explained how God desires life to be, she brought home the real life changing power in God's word. She challenged the parents to make sure their children encountered God - He has no grandchildren only children! Paul followed on with a message on righteousness. He discussed how Abraham was justified by faith and not works. As we are the children of God the standard has not changed for us. Pastor Bob ministered powerfully from Psalm 23, unpacking the scripture and showing the real depth of God's Word. Through examples he connected with the people and they received the Word about God as their shepherd. They learnt that even if their enemies are around them, they are safe at God's table.

The team visited two schools Kabujogera Parents School and Kabujogera Progressive School. Jon led the children in a drama based on the story of Gideon encouraging them that God is able to use them for mighty things even if they seem impossible! Gaynor used the story of the feeding of the 5000. In response to the stories many children were saved! Although the conditions were very poor, we were surprised to see that they were in some ways better than those we've seen in Mbale. Every child we ministered to receieved an excersise book, pencil and pen. Thank you if you donated money! smile emoticon

During the crusade Colston shared his testimony - how God miraculously took away his addiction to drugs. Many in the crowd were impacted by his story!

The main preach at the crusade and altar call were dramatically halted by a tropical rain storm. However we were able to reloate the screening of the Jesus film to inide the church building. The film attracted many from the local community.

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