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31st January 2015

Left Kampala by bus for Hoima, quite an enternaing journey. First, 2 hour late leaving as the driver wanted to fill all the seats, the traffic so heavy took ovr 30 mins just to leave the bus park, the online refreshments was a licenced vender and you could buy anything from a loaf of bread to a mans suit. We had our tickets checked twice by 2 different conductors and yet the bus never stopped until town of destination. Only comercial goods were allowed in the luggage compartment which meant the isles were full of everything from fencing wire to groceries and chickens to bananas, the conductors and vendour had to fight their way around the bus.


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Just got back home after a 5k training run. Smashed it in 34 minutes!! 🏃‍♀️ Here's me pre-run (a much better look than post-run!) Sponsor me online via:

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It doesn't get any easier posting a recording of myself... but here we go again 😉 Raising money for: ALINA'S KIDS - Gospellife International Give via:

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