Helen Owens is to hold a sponsored sing
SUNDAY 10th MAY 2015
13.30 to 15.30hrs - Entrance free - Donations taken

Venue Hall A at CARMEL CITY CHURCH Brislington Bristol



Helen studied singing at the ROYAL COLLEGE OF MUSIC and has sung with ENGLISH NATIONAL OPERA, NEW SADLERS WELLS OPERA and many of this country’s LEADING ORCHESTRAS. Helen has also appeared on Radio, Television and met the Queen!  Helen will be singing through the whole Volume of 24 ITALIAN ARIE ANTICHE without a break. This should be about 1 hour 15 minutes.

If you are unable to attend the performance please feel free to make a donation.


Helen is supporting students of Carmel Bible College who are undertaking Sponsored events such as; Cycle rides, 10k runs, Pram push and Cake sales in their fund raising activities.

Last year the students were able to supply the cement required to construct a building used by the community, School Equipment and Feminine Hygiene products for girls in isolated regions.


One of the many aims this year will be to roof the building.

GOSPELLIFE INTERNATIONAL Empowering communities:



  • Providing clean and safe water, drilling new Wells for Village communities.

  • Supplying local schools with needed educational resources to support teachers in their valuable roles.

  • We also provide cement and tin sheets to build solid and stable class rooms and community buildings.

  • Helping families with basic simple materials, such as pots and Pans for everyday cooking.

  • Blankets to protect against the cold nights.

  • Mosquito nets to protect against Malaria.

  • Feminine hygiene products and clothing.

  • Food in times of Drought.

  • When and where required, we help to feed the hungry

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